Our wholesale business provides local farm stands, grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses with fresh produce. We grow a wide variety of leafy greens, including several lettuce varieties, mixed baby greens, spinach and cabbage, as well as super sweet corn, beets, carrots, herbs and more!

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Farm Stand

Our farms stand opens each April to provide hanging baskets, patio pots, flower flats and of course Holy Schmitt’s Horseradish! As the weather warms up, we offer a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and cut flowers. In the fall we have all of your fall vegetable and décor. In addition, we have Christmas trees, wreaths and other holiday décor leading up to Christmas.

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Homemade Products

At Schmitt’s Farm Stand on Sound we’ve packaged up all of our favorite recipes and made them available for you to purchase and share with your friends and family! We have Deb’s Dressing and pickled beets to compliment your salads, a variety of jams and pickles and Holy Schmitt’s Horseradish to a little extra kick to all of your meals!

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